BK General Contractor

  • The construction company has undertaken the execution of BKG mega and medium projects:
  • Currently, it has got a grade one general contractor license. The construction company has undertaken the execution of the following mega and medium-sized construction projects:
  1. Adama Ras Hotel Mixed-Use Project
  2. PhiBela Edible Industrial Complex Project
  3. Finote Selam Town Internal Road Construction Project
  4. Tatek Compound Work Project
  5. Gedio-Fincha Road Project
  6. Debre Berhan Truck Trailer and Vehicle Assembly Project
  7. Manqusa Primary School Building Project
  8. Bahir Dar and Gondar Concrete Pole Manufacturing Project
  9. Adama Ras Hotel Expansion Project.
  10. Bahir Dar Hilton Hotel and Spa Building Project
  11. Gelan Truck Assembly Project
  12. Damot High school Library and ICT Center Building Project.
  13. BKG Feeding Center Building Project

BK Construction Machinery Rental service

  • With 4 bulldozers 3 excavators 2 graders 10 dump trucks 1 crusher and 1 mixer.