Belayneh Kindie Corporate (BKC) is a subsidiary of Belayneh Kinde Group. BKC incorporates 13 business organizations like BK Import and Export, BK commercial farms, BK freight and Public transport company, Hotels and tourism, manufacturing industries, and construction company. BKC has been operates with 3,000 employees.


  • BKG’s first establishment and the seed of all companies is BK Import and Export.
  • BK Import and Export was established in 2005 primarily to export different types of agricultural commodities.
  • There are two business lines under this company.


  • This business line was established in 2005.
  • Export different types of agricultural commodities. Coffee, sesame seed, Pulse, and other agro commodities.
  • In the last 17 years, The export business line has generated more than 600 million USD.


  • This sector comes into existence in 2008.
  • It was able to import various products such as heavy-duty trucks, steel bars, truck tires, paper, and industrial inputs.