BK was engaged in the hotel business in 2009 by acquiring Ethiopia hotel and Adma Ras hotel from the Ethiopian Privatization Agency by winning a government auction with aggregate investment capital of ETB 134 million.

Ethiopia Hotel

  • Ethiopia Hotel is Located in the center of Addis Ababa.
  • It was established in 1963 to host the participants of the former Organization of African Unity (OAU) during its formation.
  • The hotel has 110 rooms.
  • Currently, BKG has a plan to redevelop a new high-rising mixed-use building accommodating a five-star hotel, retail shops, offices, and apartments.
Ethiopia Hotel Redevelopment Design

Adama Ras Hotel

  • This is another hotel located in Adama city 100 km south of Addis Ababa.
  • The hotel has 68 rooms.
  • An expansion project is ongoing and it has reached its finishing phase to upgrade the standard of this hotel to a four-star level

Adama Ras Hotel Expansion Project

Bahirdar Hilton Resort Hotel and Spa

  • The Bahir Dar Hilton hotels sit along the Blue Nile river, next to the Bahir Dar convention center on a plot of land of 41,422 sq The new Hilton in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, will be an iconic structure, symbolizing the emerging strength of the city, and creating a new world-class luxury destination for travelers in Bahir Dar. The 5-story main building takes advantage of the views of the Blue Nile River. .it has a total of 191 guest rooms.
  • This is a new type of hotel project in Bahir Dar city which is already under the construction stage.