Phibela Industrial PLC

  • It is a huge edible oil refinery not only in Ethiopia but also in Africa.
  • The industrial complex is situated at Bure town, in West Gojjam Zone, Amhara National Regional State, and 441 km north of Addis Ababa.
  • Phibela Industrial Complex has been set up with an outlay of 4.5 Billion Birr.
  • It has the potential to create job opportunities for 3,000 citizens.
  • Phibela Industrial Complex has a capacity of producing 1,500 tons/1.5 million liters/ of Palm and sunflower Oil a day.
  • When it becomes fully operational, it has the capacity of producing 60% of the edible oil demand for the Ethiopian market.
  • It can also save 30 percent of foreign currency expenditure.
  • The following are factories operating in Phibela Industry:

1. Edible oil refinery and fractionation

  • That has a capacity of 1500 tons per day.

2. Filling and Packaging Plant

3. Soap and detergent factory

  • Laundry soap with a production capacity of 80 tons per day
  • Toilet soap with a production capacity of 30 tons per day

4. Margarine factory

  • With a production capacity of 100 tons per day

5. Sesame seed processing plant

  • Hulling, with a production capacity of 20 tons per day
  • Roasting/Tahini with a capacity of 20 tons per day.
  • Sesame cleaning, with 21 tons/hour and has the capacity for three different grades of sesame products:

6. Plastic Bottling factory

  • With a production capacity ranging from 0.5 liters to 25 liters.

7. Carton factory

  • It can produce s per the demand of the production demand.


  • It has a capacity of producing 45000 pp. bags per day.

9. Debre Berhan Truck Trailer and Vehicle Assembly

  • This assembly was located in Amhara National Regional State Debre Berhan city. The factory is located on 6.3 hectares and has cost 2 ETB billion.
  • When the factory is operational, it will assemble electrical minibusses and city bus tractors, and heavy and liquid trucks.

10. Phibela Transport

  • Phibela has 160 units of new brand IVECO trucks with steam circulation lines and double tanker. Each of the trucks has holding capacity 45,000 liter edible oil, with total minimum capacity 7.2 million litter of edible oil, and dedicated transport imported RPD palm oil and crude soybean and vegetable oil from the port of neighboring countries’ port to the refinery.
  • This enables the company for uninterrupted supply of raw materials for its operations.